The Canton Fair, located in Guangzhou, is the most amazing, largest and oldest event in terms of comerce and trade in China. Here, in ChinaPass, the most prestigious travel agency in Argentina dedicated to this kind of international events in China, are already preparing to enjoy the 123th edition of the Canton Fair.

Join today to be part of an extraordinary business experience; that is, the Canton Fair 2018, the most important trade fair of the world, with an incredible variety of products, both from China and from different countries, and the higher volume of public, which assures entrepreneurs from different continents the possibility of making agreements and businesses like nowhere else.

Our travel agency have many years of experience and the best team of professionals to carry out your visa management in Argentina. Hundreds of companies, corporations, and institutions dedicated to scientific research and development will be part of the Canton Fair in China; and you, surely, also need to be there. For this reason, ChinaPass ensures you obtain your visa in the shortest period of time, which, in turn, will allow you to coordinate your trip more easily.

feria canton
canton ferias

The Canton Fair is a truly unique international event, which in spite of its enormous size continues to grow exponentially year after year, and where important trade agreements for export and import are made. Every company, like yours, that needs to insert itself in a solid way in these areas needs to be there, and ChinaPass has all the infrastructure to guarantee the client the obtaining of their visa in a fast way and at a truly incredible price.

Our team will provide you with all the personalized attention that the client deserves, answering all your questions. That way, in 2018 you can attend the most important fair in China and really enjoy the experience.

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